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Gym Etiquette That Everyone Should Follow

As a former gym employee and a current gym patron, these are just a few things you pick up in the realm of manners.

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5. Don't use your phone in the restroom (this applies outside the gym as well)

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Restroom users do not want their business passed over the air waves, picture waves, radio waves, and/or all other waves. I'm sure the person on the other end does not want to be in receipt of those business waves either.

6. Don't start a conversation with someone while they're doing Cardio

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They're already out of breath and self conscious. No one really looks good while sprinting or jumping. Just wave. Converse another time.

7. Shut your locker doors when you're finished

They get in the way of other patrons and need to be shut at the end of the day by the employees. It's just another thing you're adding to their list of things to do before they go home

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