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35 Awesomely Cringeworthy "Dark Horse" Cam Creations

Brought to you by Katy-Patra and her Technicolor Dream-Wig.

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Katy Perry recently released her video for "Dark Horse," in which she stars as Katy-Patra, a self-styled khaleesi who loves Pomeranians but hates Flamin' Hot Cheetos.


The video is set in the ancient capital city of Memphis, Egypt but looks more like an eroticized crossover between Candyland and Qarth. Accompanying the video is an app at AndCam where you can literally "step into [Katy-Patra's] music video" and as she says in the song, "play with magic." And by magic she means Pomeranians, wigs, diamonds, bedazzled dreads, Egyptian cat-masks, shutter-shades, man-boobs, chains, and all the other Egyptian artifacts featured in the video.

"I used to be a King but in one single poof I became a woof. A cuddly bug that KatyCats love to hug. PoseWithMe?"


The are five different cams you can use, giving you the option to pose with Katy-Patra herself, Jiff, gems, cats, or song lyrics.

So before the video ultimately gets slammed for cultural appropriation and rendered unlikeable, let us enjoy its unique brand of bad DIY photoshop previously pioneered by Russian couples and Iranian government officials.

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