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16 Famous People Named Dmitriy (Written By A Non-Famous One)

My favorite Circle of Death category.

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1. Demeter


Years Active: Circa 1400-146 BC

Occupation: Greek Goddess of the harvest, fertility, agriculture, nature, and the seasons. The one that started it all. The grand-daddy of Dmitri's.

11. Dmitry Medvedev


Years Active: 1965-Present

Occupation: Former President and current Prime Minister of Russia. (In Game-of-Thrones-speak, the Kevan Lannister to Putin's Tywin Lannister.)

15. Dima Bilan


Years Active: 1981-Present

Occupation: Musician, actor, celebrity, mullet enthusiast, and according to this Yahoo! Answers entry also a Russian version of Justin Timberlake. (Though born Viktor, the singer later changed his name to Dima, a diminutive version of Dimitri.)

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