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    25 Signs You Are a THON Alum

    You were one of the thousands who participated in the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon. Though your college days are (sadly) behind you, life keeps sending little reminders that you were (and continue to be) an integral part of the great philanthropy that is THON. We Are... Penn State. FTK.

    25. Most of the shirts you wear to the gym are THON t-shirts.

    Who needs lululemon?

    24. You sign off work emails with "FTK."

    23. You still remember the words and movements to every line dance.

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    Dance Break!

    22. You question why fanny packs aren't acceptable attire for all occasions.

    They're just so useful.

    21. The smell of baby powder instantly makes you want a full body massage.

    Whoever invented Slides of Strength is a genius!

    20. You wonder why your event timelines at work are not in 13 different colors.

    Color-coding makes so much sense!

    19. You try to end professional meetings with a power clap.

    18. You see your first canners post-graduation and realize how young they look.

    The girls in the middle must be freshmen.

    17. You remember back when THON was held somewhere other than the BJC.

    Well, maybe not THAT far back!

    16. You remember covering your cell phone with tape to avoid seeing the time.

    But with smart phones, how do they do it???

    15. You have perfected the non-shower wash: baby wipes, baby powder, deodorant, dry shampoo ...and done.

    14. You understand the true meaning of "no personal space."

    Two's company, but 16,000's a crowd.

    13. You have an eternal love for the magic potion that is Gatorade.

    12. Your supervisor asks you to "tone down" your office clipboards.

    But it's soooo pretty.

    11. You have a ridiculous amount of colored knee-high socks (and you actively look for any excuse to wear them).

    10. You know that THON invented throwing your diamonds up before Jay-Z.

    9. You get excited every time you're about to open your mailbox.

    Bills? Where's my dancer mail???

    8. You have no tolerance for non-THON alumni complaining about lack of sleep.

    7. Your instinct is to look for someone in a yellow shirt when you're feeling down or want a foot rub.

    6. You cry a little every time you hear this version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    5. You ___ when you hear "My Love is Your Love."

    4. You still own the pair of sneakers you wore when you danced in THON and break them out every year for THON weekend.

    3. You see someone in THON gear on your vacation and immediately strike up a conversation.

    Slightly less awkward than yelling, "We Are..."

    2. You attend THON or watch the webcast every year and tear up when they raise the final total, knowing you are part of the world’s largest student-run philanthropy and that YOU make a difference in the lives of children with pediatric cancer.

    1. And most of all, you still find ways to support THON as an Alum.


    Click to find out more about the events in New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Avalon.

    Also, visit for more ways to get involved!

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