Photoshop Contest - What Movie Were They Watching On Air Force One?

Today The Huffington Post front-paged a photo of the White House staff on Air Force One enjoying some in-flight entertainment. The photo seems to indicate they were watching a movie with several naked bros in a cave. To answer the mystery of 'what they were *actually* watching, feel free to jump on over to the site (hint: it involves bipedal simains and a recently-deceased former President of the NRA 'damn'ing them 'all to hell'), but I think we can make this a little more interesting. What movies were do we think they were really watching on Air Force One? Submit answers below.

david • 8 years ago

ApplySpace Makes Dating Applications for the Normally-Challenged.

We've all seen the outdated "Application to Date My Daughter", but what if you could make one for yourself? ApplySpace's motto is "Making Dating Easier One Application At A Time," and they attempt to do just that- by allowing you to screen all of your potential suitors through some random personal questions. If you already have a boyfriend/girlfriend - take heart! ApplySpace also has applications for your very own Ninja or Pirate!

david • 9 years ago

Hipsters = The "Death of Western Civilization?"

Ok, so they're basically everywhere (as long as there's an American Apparel store and PBR), but the subversive anti-hip trendkilling "hipsters" are now being called the bane of western civilization; the disaffected, nonchalant harbingers of doom "in a civilization where counterculture has mutated into a self-obsessed aesthetic vacuum." SAY IT AIN'T SO, DOV! SAY IT AIN'T SO!

david • 9 years ago

How to Lose $150,000 Quick

John Rempel of Leamington, Ontario lost a reported sum of $150,000 on a Nigerian email scam in which he believed he was going to receive $12.8 million dollars due him from the death of a wealthy relative in the UK. Rempel was apparently strung a long for a year and made countless payments, borrowing money from friends, relatives, and his parents before realizing he had been had. Now, jobless, penniless, friendless, and inheritance-less, he's kind of majorly bummed out...

david • 9 years ago

No Birthday Cakes for Kids Named "Adolf Hitler."

A PA 'Shoprite' grocery store gracefully refused its custom-made birthday cake service to the family of 3-year old "Adolf Hitler Campbell," the son of two very opinionated and well-tattooed rural PA White Supremacists. The jury is still out on whether this story occurred in one of the "Pro-America" parts of Pennsylvania or not. Note to self: don't give your 3 children the middle names "Adolf Hitler", "Honszlynn Hinler", and "Aryan Nation" (no kidding -- she actually did that). [bonus: photo gallery of the birth certificates and family home here]

david • 9 years ago

Lingerie "For Him?"

Despite tough economic times, a surprising new fashion is being marketed to the masses - Male lingerie. Usher and others are adding products to the market, trying to see if they can make mankinis, mantyhose, male girdles, garters, and beaded thongs a trend worth buying into. But one question still hasn't been answered to my satisfaction - do women really want to see their men wearing this type of nonsense?

david • 9 years ago

"The Alcohol Experiment" [aka Most Horrifying Link in the World]

The Internet is abuzz with links to what some are calling "the most horrifying link in the world", a BBC and Radio-1 "Alcohol Experiment" where users can calculate the caloric value of the alcohol they've ingested. Maybe this could prove a useful tool for people battling against the dreaded "freshman fifteen?"

david • 9 years ago

Is Barack Obama A "MUSLIN?" (sic)

Believe it or not, many people have been searching the internet over the past 6 months to see if President-elect Obama has ties to other suspicious "finely-woven cotton fabrics introduced to Europe from the Middle-East" (UH-OH!). Word has it that President-elect Obama's drapes will be up to 50% Muslin, and his suits, his wife's dresses, and most of the cloth across the entire United States is also Muslin, too...

david • 9 years ago