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    • dmaboyer

      Was this written by the London tourism board? I agree with mistys7. I just returned from my first time in London. New York yes, Paris very yes, London no. London is way over crowded, you can’t even move. The buses are jammed. The streets are almost impassable, either on foot on by vehicle. The bit about the underground is crap. The underground is not that clean and getting around is not as easy as they let you believe. By the way the underground, and much of London, is not for the disabled. Most of the underground is VERY underground and most of it is only accessible by stairs. Just because you are in London does not make the fish and chips better. That is just psychological. I make them just as good at home.

    • dmaboyer

      This must have been written by someone about 19. Being old is no picnic and most of it is not that fun. Pain in all your joints. Constant trips to the doctor. Bladder problems. Etc. Etc. Also, believe it or not most old people don’t really like to be called cute. On top of this most medical people treat elder like we are senile or children. The thing most older people want the most is respect they deserve for a lifetime of experience. Sorry I sound like the grumpy old man but I can’t help but tell you the real facts.

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