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Interning For BuzzFeed

Community Internship Application

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Why I would be a good fit for this role...

I believe that I would be a good fit for the Community Internship because I grew up with a strong emphasis on community that has led me to value the outcomes of shared bonds. Beyond maintaining close relations with family, friends, and neighbors, I have learned the importance of connecting with those that we may not initially know or understand. An understanding that has stuck with me in my college life, this virtue can be traced back to my favorite commitment in high school as a Peer Group Leader. This leadership position enabled me to facilitate thoughtful and meaningful discussions between randomly grouped students in a confidential and freethinking space. In navigating conversations, I was able to establish connections with students I barely knew, and helped provoke others do the same. In uncovering bases of mutual understanding, everyone was able to gain new perspectives and benefit from each other’s company. I think this experience hugely shaped the person I am now and is responsible for my ease in relating to other people. Although I have not sought out a internship opportunity like this before, I am constantly looking to immerse myself in different situations and meet new people. In addition, my coursework has pushed me to be a hardworking individual and a creative thinker. If given the opportunity to join your community, I would be dedicated to completing all tasks to the very best of my ability. I believe that the combination of my current involvements and past experiences would make me a constructive asset to upholding the open, engaging, and fun outlet that BuzzFeed has always been for me.

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