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A Powerful Woman In AI

Deemed by influential Fortune 500 leaders as the “Woman in AI to Watch out For” and featured on as an Influential Woman in AI, Aakriti Srikanth is a pioneer for women in technology and a champion for human connection in the world of artificial intelligence.

danjlipson • 11 months ago

Kingdom Hearts  Is Constantly In Motion

Kingdom Heart’s fight choreography has seen some changes throughout the years. This results in some interesting movement dynamics as the core systems remain mostly untouched, but there are usually major additions for each title.

danjlipson • 12 months ago

Who Is Your Video Game Pet Companion?

Most major video game franchises all have one thing in common: a lovable companion that's with you through thick and thin. The best kind of companion, however, is often a furry one. Video game pets are there by your side when all the other friendly characters are off being useless and helpless. These pets aren't afraid of diving in with you to combat evil, and if you take care of them, they'll take care of you. These cute companions have cuddled their way into our hearts, and into the halls of gaming history.

danjlipson • 4 years ago