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    6 Ways Outsourcing Benefits Business

    Outsourcing has been called many nasty names lately, but it does not just mean sending jobs overseas. It is a legitimate strategy that can help improve core services and maximize efficiency (why else has the IT outsourcing market share grown to $288 billion in 2013?)

    1. Improves Flexibility

    In 2011, 66% of companies saw increased flexibility with their outsourcing ventures (according to Fuqua School of Business).

    2. Increases Growth / Via

    By outsourcing back-office tasks, you can concentrate on what really matters to you. (Like spending time with customers and not managing your IT systems or programming software.)

    3. Reduces cost

    More than 50% of companies outsource because it can bring them some serious long-term and short-term cost reduction (according to IAOP's State of Industry Survey). Plus, you can re-invest the money you saved right back into your products and services.

    4. Provides Access to Innovation / Via

    Innovative ideas can be crucial in staying ahead -- and outsourcing can help roll out new products and improve processes. Even MIT suggests that outsourcing for innovation can be a superior strategy.

    5. Delivers the Right Talent / Via

    Outsourcing provides access to talented professionals worldwide if you cannot find the right candidates to fill your positions locally. How else are you supposed to deal with the global talent shortage?

    6. Opens doors to new markets / Via

    25% of companies outsource to get access to new markets (according to Harvard Business Review). It's an appealing world out there. Having a global foothold might make the difference between company growth...and company demise.

    Outsourcing can help your business go from this... this.

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