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5 Problems You Didn’t Know About YouTube

Thinking of starting of Youtube Channel? Think again, after reading through this list, you will probably Google how to delete your Youtube Channel. If not, best of luck and make sure to give me a shout out ;)

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1. Trolls, Trolls Everywhere

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3 types of trolls

Troll 1

The spellcheck troll. Your a spellcheck troll (opps, I meant You’re), when you go around correcting everyone’s grammar.

Troll 2

The Mr./Mrs. Know it all, this troll claims to know everything that exists.

Troll 3

The spreading rumor troll, this troll builds its reputation from starting fake rumors, in hope of starting a debate. Just like on any other media platform, trolls will always exist, so be prepared.

2. "I am First" Comment

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Youtube comments are like no other comments sections on the Internet. In fact, Youtube comment are the worst among all the other media platforms, as claimed by NewStatesman magazine.

Problems with Youtube Comments:

Spam Bots are unstoppable, even if you try reporting/flagging their comments.

It gets worse.... Youtube’s algorithmic “top comment” filtering system:

Top comments are rated based on the ‘thumbs up’ scale, the more thumbs up the comment get, the higher up the comment will be. A majority of the top comments are either negative or gets ‘thumbs up’ for no reason.

3. Youtube is the Next MTV Crib?

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KSI (15 Million Subscribers on Youtube): "Talking about 'YouTube changing' to get views" - by Motherboard

Philip DeFranco (5 million Subscribers on Youtube): "Youtube Drama Is Actually a Crime! And this is just the beginning" - by DeFranco

4. Copyright Infringement

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Just uploaded an opinionated video on a popular Youtuber?

Don’t worry, within the next 24 hours your video will face a copyright strike.

Youtube’s copyright infringement has multiple algorithmic flaws which Big Youtube Network takes advantage of.

The Verge says,


"IT'S 2016, NOT 2009."

5. Lastly... The HATER

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A hater regains its fuel from your attention and responses.

Their main objective is to bring your self-esteem down.

Youtube’s haters are often anonymous with a cartoon profile picture, so don’t even try to get revenge because you are unlikely going to succeed. At the end of the day, Haters are always gonna hate, no matter how hard you try to convince them not to.

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