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    • Dkatb Unfortunately, based off this website’s blog post about this, there are a LOT of people that equate rape with rape culture and don’t bother to consider the difference. The comments are basically all about how lucky she is to have even gotten the pic bc she’s so ugly (they posted her pic too), that the dude deserved it ONLY because he had no game, and this gem:
      ““I am sick of being treated like this” Well hon, maybe if you weren’t such a raging cunt, you would be treated better.” (You know, since the guy only sent the naked photo as punishment for her bad attitude in the first place. She wasn’t already asking for it???? RUUUUDE!) SERIOUSLY??? The only other critique the guy got was putting his face in the photo which apparently is a dickpic101 no-no. I wish this type of behavior wasn’t still so abundant but it’s not going anywhere soon, with the creeps patting each other on the back and shaming the women (or men) who are offended by basically being flashed without asking for it or enjoying it.  My guess is that she probably had to delete her tumblr because of messages like those :( I disagree with her posting the guy’s name but otherwise, good for her. He’s a tool and maybe she saved the next girl from getting surprise dicked, if the douche finally realizes how charming it ACTUALLY is (*isnt).

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