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  • Cyber-Bullying In 2013.

    This entry could prove to be a great life lesson, so let’s jump right in. Bullying is not okay. Cyber-bullying is not okay. Just because you have a group of people who may or may not have a significant influence online, does not justify attacks toward others. Just because you were bullied yourself does not make it okay or give you permission to bully others. I have seen many online creators take part in or create anti-bullying videos, but then go out and harass others. I, too, have been personally victimized by Regina George…well not her, but by other creators. Having a large number of followers does not automatically make you correct in everything that you say. There may be times where you disagree with someone’s opinion and one of you may be ignorant of certain information. In the latter case, you may educate the person in a professional manner without making personal accusations or “calling them out”. However, it is appreciated when @replies are used rather than subtweeting. Are you gaining a sense of power by not giving the person recognition? Over the past year or so it has become more apparent that there is a huge range in age and maturity online. You shouldn’t waste your time fighting a battle with someone who is not mature enough to realize what is acceptable behavior and what is not. There are also those people who you know you just don’t get along with. In life you will come across these people. There might be a reason; there might not be a reason. You need to accept this.

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