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    • djamilao

      As a French I find those differences and quirky specificities endearing, nothing wrong here. I’d consiser this buzzsh*t a lame attempt at humour except it’s coming from a -rather ignorant! - french and I know for a fact she means all of it. Dear compatriote, if you don’t like the Brits, go back to narrow minded France. By the way, croissants are not French and the slang word you are looking for is actually “zizi”. This one there with 2 “z” does not qualify as the slang word you’re talking about. Get at least your french facts straight.
      Thanks for ridiculing the french yet again.
      What an epic fail.

    • djamilao

      I really don’t want to break your joy ifIcan say so…yes France isawonderful country, it is my country of origin andIwill always love it. But you need to face reality here as you only seem to have the vision ofatourist depicted here. Don’t forget that France isaplace that have seenahuge increase in evidence of islamophobia, xenophobia, racism and homophobia these last years. This is to such an extent that all those words are automatically associated in Google search engine with”france”. Terrible isn’t it?This is the reality in France nowadays. However, if you’re not Muslim or too dark-skinned you’ll be very welcome of course…
      Thankfully it’s not the majority of french people that are like that. Butagreat deal of them will not make you feel very welcomed.

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