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  • “I Am Trayvon Martin” — A Factually Correct Artwork

    A Florida artist has created a painting, now on display at the Florida State Capitol, titled “We Are All Trayvon.” This fraudulent work depicts George Zimmerman in a combat stance, shooting Trayvon Martin in the back of the head. In a response to this falsehood, Dixon Diaz has created his own, fact-based work of art titled “I Am Trayvon Martin.”

  • Nick Nolte To Play Hillary Clinton In New Movie

    Dixon Diaz, head writer at the popular Facebook page LIBTARDS, breaks the news that actor Nick Nolte has been tapped to play Hillary Clinton in the upcoming CNN-NBC feature length movie about the presumptive 2016 Democratic presidential candidate. Nolte’s “remarkable resemblance” to the former First Lady was cited by insiders as the reason.

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