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Why Valentine’s Day Is Cringe-Worthy

So, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and all of a sudden my message inbox and mailbox are crashing down with those “SPECIAL” offers. That is also all I can hear or see in FM channels, television and social media. All these people are now so much interested in my love life and they are quite concerned about how I will make my partner feel “special” on this day. Every other person you come across in your friend circle or at your workplace is talking about their Valentine’s plan. Actually, that is not just about a day, but an entire week. An entire week -where couples invest their time, energy and more importantly, money, in buying flowers, chocolates and teddy bears.

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7 days of commercialization


It is just like the New Year, where you got to have a plan for the big day. Each and every restaurant has designed and organized their "theme parties”, so that you can spend even more money to please your partner. You obviously need to book your table in one of these romantic restaurants a month in advance. You will have to order the expensive food and wine from the special menu designed for this very day, while the staff looks at you resentfully as they never get to see their loved ones on this day. After all these efforts, when you finally try to make a conversation with your beloved, some B-grade Bollywood rapper or singer will start “performing” at the top of their voices and all of a sudden the celebrity steals away your thunder.

Over Hyped social obligation


Maybe I am getting old and “mature”, hence this ranting about Valentine’s day. Maybe it is just in my head. Or maybe celebrating V-Day has become a bigger deal than it should be. There are hundreds of festivals celebrated in India every year and it helps our economy that runs on the holiday based spending. The decorations, music, flashy dresses, fireworks and what not. But V-Day has to be the tackiest of all. It is not even a holiday. You will probably have to take a day off from your work in order to impress your partner on this “couple focused” day. And finally, when you are convinced that you have expressed your love to your partner successfully, you are wrong, because the next day is all about the comparative analysis – who got the best gift, who went to a better place or event or who did the nicest thing.

The 'Good' Cause


If you think commercialization cannot get any worse in ruining the day of love, enter NGOs, because why not? Trend hai! I read a couple of posts shared by certain non-profit organizations that suggested “spend your V-Day with the elderly at an old age home and make them feel special.” That just got onto my nerves. There are these 70 something year old people who stay in an old age home, carrying on their daily chores, and suddenly a bunch of total strangers (who otherwise do not even exist) arrive to celebrate valentine’s day. Have you ever wondered how these people spending the last phase of their lives in an old age home, away from their families feel about celebrating every occasion with total strangers? Every time a new set of strangers. As if they are animals in a zoo and these volunteers come to see them. What is the point of spending an hour with them once in a year or once in your lifetime? What is the point of listening to their stories when you are not going to remember them? What is the point of trying to connect with them emotionally when it is all about playing Antakshari and dancing? Is it just about feeding your ego and feel good about yourself? Do these organizations even care about these elderly people? Their sentiments, their needs or do they just decide what would make them “happy”? The fact of the matter is that old age homes are not even close to the Second Innings Home that they showed in the movie Lage Raho Munnabhai.

Sending singles into a spin


Coming to the other set of people, those who are single or got out of an ugly relationship, or just had heartbreak. Why do you have to make sure that they should feel terrible on this day ( in case they take Valentine’s Day seriously)? People who are trying to move on have to wrap themselves in a cocoon for everything in the universe is about having a special someone on that particular day.

Not everything on this planet has to be commercialized and used for our own benefit. We have commercialized nature and ruined it already. Let us not ruin love. All these dealers sending us sms, emails or announcing it on mass media on what to wear, how to put on makeup, what gift to buy (usually a photo frame or heart shaped cushion) is dreadful.

Have a stress free day!


Why not set realistic goals and stick to it all year along? My point is, let us not get carried away. Why do you need to feel all the pressure? Simplify things, relax a bit, and focus. Isn’t that what a committed relationship is more about? There are a hell lot of other things to worry about in life. Love shouldn’t be one of them. As they say, love is like a fart. If you feel the need to force it, it’s probably shit.

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