9 Reasons Why Shailene Woodley And Theo James Are Awesome

Whatever faction they belong to… we want in. Divergent, starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James — now playing in theaters and IMAX. Tickets on sale now.

In Divergent, Shailene Woodley and Theo James are poised to change the world, and we’d follow them anywhere.

Summit Entertainment / Divergent

1. They’re badasses on-screen.

Summit Entertainment / Divergent
Summit Entertainment / Divergent

2. They’re thoughtful off-screen.

Dan Istitene / Jason Merritt / Getty Images / Via interviewmagazine.com

Shailene is a “wonderful hippie,” and Theo majored in Philosophy.

3. They take their acting seriously.

And Theo trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

4. Yet they still know how to let loose in front of the camera when the time is right.

Summit Entertainment / Divergent

5. They have a great rapport, on- and off-screen.

Summit Entertainment / Divergent / Via dievergence.tumblr.com

Shailene has this to say about Theo: “He’s an incredibly masculine man with a beautiful, soulful heart — and he was a great kisser.”

6. They look like they’re fun!

7. Even though they’re famous, they still live life on their own terms.

ABC / Jimmy Kimmel Live! / Via jen7waters.tumblr.com
ABC / Jimmy Kimmel Live! / Via jen7waters.tumblr.com

As Theo says, “I’m not going to change my life at all — I love the way I live. I’m not going to worry about it.”

8. And they’re multitalented!

9. They’re an inspiration — to each other and to us.

ABC / Jimmy Kimmel Live! / Via trisseatonss.tumblr.com

On this fact we don’t diverge: they really are the best.

Summit Entertainment / Divergent

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