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This Cat Shirt Is So Adorable Until, Oh No!

There's a funny little surprise to this t-shirt.

13 Monsters Who Have Problems Just Like The Rest Of Us

Just because they're fierce beasts, keen on grinding our bones to make their bread, doesn't mean monsters don't suffer from the same insecurities we do. Artist Tio Zirinis thought it would be fun to image what they worry about, and it's wonderful. 

QUIZ: Can You Guess The Historical Hottie By His Beautiful Beard?

Sure, they made history, but let's focus on what really matters: Those gorgeous beards. 

25 Photos That Prove Kids Are Just The Worst

The Instagram "kidsaretheworst" is chock-full of reasons not to procreate... but these ones might just take the cake.

A 9-Year-Old Kid Explains Net Neutrality In A Way That You Can Finally Understand

Net Neutrality—what it is, what it is not, why we need it, why politicians who get a lot of money from cable companies are opposed to it—is really complicated. If there was only somebody out there who could simply and elegantly explain the need for net neutrality to all of us!

Can You Pass The Color Confusion Test?

The Stroop Effect makes it difficult to distinguish a physical color from its word association. Take this quiz as FAST as you can for the best results!

A Woman Is Sticking Period Pads With Powerful Feminist Messages On Them All Over Her City

No matter how you feel about her tactics, her message is an important one.

19 Sneaky Foods That Look Suspiciously Like Celebrities

This food seems to be having an identity crisis. 

Little Girl Dresses Up As African-American Heroines To Bring Black History To Life

This project was created as a way for Lily, the 5 year-old daughter of photographer Marc Bushelle to "see herself in the story" of black history. Each image shows the girl dressed up as powerful black females from the pages of American history.

This Penis-Shaped Paradise Is A Surprisingly Beautiful Island You'll Want To Live On

Have you ever seen Mavuva Island? Well, you won't be able to unsee it…

#Smelfies Of Dads Changing Diapers Is The Internet Trend We Love More Than Anything

5 days ago, comedian and dad Adam Hills decided to share a little bit of his diaper-changing experience with the Twitterverse. Little did he know, his #smelfie movement was about to become a viral sensation.

Couples Reveal To Each Other How Many People They’ve Had Sex With, And Things Get Awkward

The folks over at Elite Daily gathered several couples that somehow never talked about their past relationships. They were asked to reveal their "number" and things got predictably awkward.

27 Clever Textbook Doodles That Definitely Made Class More Interesting

I definitely doodled my way through academia... but none of my doodles were this good.

27 Textbook Doodles That Might Have Made Class More Interesting

I definitely doodled my way through academia... but none of my doodles were this good.

12 Surprising Ways 'Game Of Thrones' Is Inspired By Actual History

With Game of Thrones' fifth season coming out soon, most fans can't wait to see what George R.R. Martin has thought up to stimulate, disturb, and depress us all. But what you might not realize is that many of the events of his A Song of Ice and Fire book series were taken from another set of books, usually called history books. 

30 Rare Photos Of Celebs From Before They Were Famous

Everyone starts somewhere. But you might not expect some of these. Especially smoking hot mid-20s Joe Biden.  

The Women Of SCOTUS Stand Tall In This One-Of-A-Kind LEGO Set Honoring Them

For the first 192 years of its existence, the constitutionality of US law was decided by men alone. It wasn't until 1981 that President Reagan appointed Sandra Day O'Connor to become the first female justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. To celebrate this victory for gender equality, artist Maia Weinstock created a one of a kind LEGO set featuring the only four women to ever sit on our nation's highest court.

This Guy Creates Planets And Galaxies Using Household Objects

These are the results of the cosmic exploration of the WANDER Space Probe. But the fictional probe and all these scenes are actually the work of photographer Navid Baraty. He creates these realistic scenes by arranging common household objects on a scanner. With a little bit of post processing, he ends up with images that look as though they were taken by the Hubble telescope.