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18 Pixar Moments That Will Hit You In The Feels

Grab the tissues and get ready to ugly-cry. For even more feels, discover the unlikely friendship of Spot and Arlo in Disney/Pixar's The Good Dinosaur, in theatres now. Get tickets.

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1. When Buzz realizes he can’t fly.

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You can't help but shed a tear when Buzz finally realizes he's a) a toy, and then b) "not a flying toy." Talk about getting kicked while you're down.

2. When Jessie relives how she was donated by her first owner, Emily.

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Emily finds Jessie under her bed and takes her on an exciting car trip — to a cardboard box on the side of the road. It's horrible seeing how happy Jessie is until she realizes what's going on. HOW COULD YOU EMILY?!

3. When all the toys think they're going to be incinerated.

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Things get dark when the toys become trapped in the furnace at the landfill. In the face of a hot, fiery, fumy death, they link arms and see their lives flash before their eyes (probably).

4. When Andy gives all his toys away.

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If you didn't cry during this scene, you're lying. When giving his toys away to a family friend, Andy explains their importance one by one, and OF COURSE Woody is left until last. Cue waterworks.

5. When Flik gets banished from the colony.

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Everyone's angry at Flik for lying to the colony, even though he was just trying to help. Even Princess Atta tells him to leave and never come back. Poor Flik.

6. When Nemo's mum Coral dies.

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This opening scene's a real doozy. Coral tries to save her eggs but is killed by a barracuda while Marlin is knocked unconscious. Marlin wakes to discover that Coral is gone and only one egg (Nemo) is left. A lifetime of overprotective fatherhood ensues.

7. When Marlin leaves Dory behind.

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Dory pours her heart out telling Marlin how no one has ever stuck with her for so long. Who knew fish could make you weep?

8. When Doc Hudson reveals his backstory.

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After being accused of quitting by Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson tells of his career-ending accident and disappointing return. This one hits home super hard for anyone who's been injured playing sport.

9. When Mr. Incredible thinks his whole family has died.

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Mr. Incredible is forced to listen on helplessly while missiles attack the aircraft his whole family is on. Thankfully Mrs. Incredible totally slays, stretching herself into a parachute and saving the day.

10. When WALL-E can't remember Eve.

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It's gut-wrenching watching those few moments after WALL-E has been reset and can't remember who Eve is, while she desperately tries to jog his memory.

11. When you see Carl and Ellie's tragic love story unfold in the opening montage.

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It's near-on impossible to make it through these nine minutes without crying (try it, we dare you). It has to be up there with the most beautiful, and the most heartbreaking moments of all.

12. When Merida tells Elinor "I'll never be like you."

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The moment Merida declares "I'd rather die than be like you" and rips the family tapestry is all too real for any mother-daughter combo.

13. When Sulley and Mike have a fight in the Himalayas and Sulley leaves.

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After being exiled to the Himalayas, Mike gets angry because Sulley wants to go off and find Boo. Mike tells him he's on his own and Sulley walks out into the blizzard. C'mon guys, can't we all just get along?!

14. When Boo gets scared by Sulley's roar.

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Boo accidentally sees Sulley scaring the simulator and runs off crying in fear. Sulley's face drops when he realizes Boo has seen and he runs off to try and explain. Bad Kitty.

15. When Sulley says goodbye to Boo.

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Boo and Sulley are unlikely friends but when they have to say goodbye it's just plain devastating. After Sulley tucks her in and leaves she runs over and opens the door, finding nothing but clothes.

16. When Mike finds out Sulley rigged the final round of the Scare Games.

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Sulley changed the settings on the simulator so it'd be easy for Mike to get a good score. Once Mike finds out the truth he starts to doubt himself. You just want to hug Mike and tell him it's OK — we've all been there.

17. When Riley's imaginary friend Bing Bong is forgotten.

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Bing Bong accepts that Riley no longer needs him and sacrifices himself by jumping into the abyss. He realizes that she needs Joy more than him, and that maybe the memory of him is best forgotten. Excuse us while we cry our imaginary tears.

18. When Riley comes back home after running away.

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Riley opens up to her parents about how she's having trouble adjusting to life in San Francisco. It's a touching "we're all in this together" moment when her parents admit they miss parts of their old life too. Pass the tissues, would you?!

Get ready for even more tearjerking moments. Now you can discover the unlikely friendship between Arlo and Spot in Disney/Pixar's The Good Dinosaur.

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