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PSA Kiwis! Disney+ Is Now The Home Of Star Which Means You Can Say Goodbye To Your Social Life

Deadpool, Borat and Grey's Anatomy just joined the Disney+ family.

You’ll want to be seated — preferably in a comfy, optimised-for-bingeing recliner — for this epic announcement: Disney+ is now the home of Star, which means they've added a whopping 500+ films and TV shows to their powerhouse platform!

The titles, which dropped on February 23, range from the iconic classics, to the award season darlings, to even four new Star Originals.

Who needs friends IRL, when a reunion with this absolutely iconic trio awaits?

You can even take a leaf out of Romy and Michele's book and watch Pretty Woman, like, 36 times.

And if one style transformation montage isn't enough, The Devil Wears Prada is ready to come through with THE montage to end all montages.

Or maybe you'd rather settle into something that's completely out of this world. Did somebody mention an Alien marathon?

But if that's too otherworldly, don't despair — Disney+ and Star have you covered. Why not escape into the visual cornucopia of Wes Anderson's vision instead?

And unlike most hotly-anticipated drops, there's no need to physically queue for this one. Unless, of course, we're talking about adding everything to your watchlist queue.

If you're not already subscribed to Disney+, get on it pronto, so that future you can enjoy all the spoils of Star, alongside the dazzling universe of Disney.

Disney+ is now the home of Star — giving you access to an amazing catalogue of films and TV, all for your viewing pleasure! To browse the collection and sign up for an account, visit here.

Subscription required, conditions apply.

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