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    Is Pharrell Williams An Immortal Alien?

    You need to know one thing before we say anything further: Pharrell Williams is 40 years old. Let that sink in a minute before we continue. Is your mind blown? This week, he denied being a vampire, but we may have evidence that he is some form of alien capable of defying the aging process. Here is our research...

    Exhibit A: He Doesn't Age... Earth Year: 1990

    Earth Year: 2004

    Earth Year: 2010

    Earth Year: 2013

    One Hat to Rule Them All

    Exhibit B: Constant Creation of MEGAHIT SONGS

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    Via YouTube: DaftPunkVevo


    The list continues as producer of Grammy-nominated Justin Timberlake's "Justified," Nelly's "Nellyville," Jay-Z's "Frontin," Snoop Lion's "Drop It Like It's Hot" and many more.

    He's a hit-making machine! Or perhaps he has a machine that generates songs with alien mind-control properties?

    Exhibit C: His Son's Name is a Dead GIVEAWAY!

    Exhibit D: Vulcan Salute Much?

    Do you have any other proof???

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