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11 Situations We Wish Were Interrupted By A Streaker

Streakers may be wacky, but wacky is good sometimes. Another crazy-good thing? DishLATINO lets you watch all the fútbol you want, from the sweet comfort of your couch.

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1. When you have no clue what the heck to answer on a test.

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+ Streaker = teacher dismisses class. YAAASS.

2. During the lame seminar about something like how to fold towels.

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+ Streaker = way more memorable. Woohoo!

3. When your mom is really, really mad at you.

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+ Streaker = intercepts flying chancla. (Sorry, streaker, but thanks for taking one for the team.)

4. On a date where you can't think of anything to say.

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+ Streaker = now you share a crazy anecdote! Thanks, streaker man!

5. When that annoying neighbor shows up to your carne asada.

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+ Streaker = saves you from having to listen to Pedro's gibberish...again.

6. When your crush is getting hit on.

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+ Streaker = removes rival with nakedness powers and gives you a chance to intercede and get your girl back.

7. That day you arrived really late to work.

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+ Streaker = ain't nobody got time to reprimand you when there's a naked man running in the office.

8. In the middle of a meeting (when you really gotta use the restroom).

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+ Streaker = temporary chaos is created, and you can sprint out quickly!

9. When your girlfriend dragged you to the mall with her.

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+ Streaker = makes your novia finally feel ready to go home. #graciasstreaker

10. When you tell the worst joke ever, and no one laughs.

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+ Streaker = no one will even remember the lamest joke to come out of your mouth...they'll just remember the streaker. 😉

11. In the middle of that dance class you regret signing up for.

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+ Streaker = teacher says "OMG, how dare he? Ima denounce him! BRB" (and you escape back to the house to watch fútbol, bendito sea!).

Streakers. They sure add a punch of...something. For a punch of soccer, there's DishLATINO.

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