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The Emotional Stages Of Watching Fútbol

For a real fanático, fútbol is not "just a game." Good thing DishLATINO lets you download 2,000 hours of your favorite programming, including all the soccer you want.

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1. First, you're happy. You got your homies in the living room, and you're ready to win.

2. The game starts, and you are feeling your team.

VH1 / Via

No hay lesiones, everybody is out in the field.

3. But right away, you can tell the other team is going to put up a fight.

ESPN / Via

Man, they won't give up that ball.

4. Sure enough, 20 minutes into the game, the rival team scores. / Via


5. The friggin' árbitro keeps making calls against your team.


What the hell? How much money did this guy get paid?!

6. You start watching the game with one eye.

Televisa / Via


7. And you're so stressed you're eating los snacks like this:

AFV / / Via

You, like, forget to chew.

8. Things get crazy. A streaker crosses the field, flashing lo que Dios le dio. / Via

¡Ay, güey! What's wrong with that guy?

9. Then you totally witness a player from your team getting bitten by a dude from the opposing team. BITTEN! / Via

For real? And it's in the penalty box!

10. Lo and behold, the opposite team gets punished with a penalty kick. And you turn to a higher power.

ABC / / Via

Por favor Dios mío que metan este gol y te lo prometo que voy a misa todos los domingos y le hago de cocinar a mi esposa toda esta semana y hasta le hablo a mi suegra pero por favor te ruego que metan gol.

11. PERO they miss it.

Studio Filmowe Zebra / Via /

This game ya valió.

12. After that, it's all downhill... You start yelling gibberish at the TV...


You curse out the players, the trainer, and tu pobre perro, who's staring at you confused in your living room.

13. ...until you scream your soul out and enter a new dimension of hopelessness.


"Nobody talk to me please."

14. Then, miraculously, at minute 85, the star striker receives a bomb pass...and your team scores!!!

Colors / Via

HeLLz yEaHH.

15. Five minutes till the end of the game. Score's 1–1.

Universal pictures / Via

16. Your team gets a corner kick, and you're all like: / Via


17. The kick is flawless, and a superb header finishes it off. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!


And right afterwards you hear the referee's final whistle.

18. YOU WON!!! YOU WON!!!

19. And off you go to social media, just to make sure people know who's boss.

Universal Pictures / Via

Your team is. Your team's boss. Amén.

And about that streaker... It happens. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Watch fútbol in all its (naked) glory with DishLATINO.

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