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5 Employee Engagement Ideas Your HR Hasn't Discovered Yet

Because they are too busy counting leaves!

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Phew! It’s Monday again!

Why do offices have to be so darn boring? Or wait, is it just your office that’s boring? I see offices where they replace coffee mugs with beer cans and then offices that go on super cool treasure hunts.

Sounds absolutely other-worldly to me! Because all I have seen in my corporate life in the name of “employee engagement” are boring annual meetings and even boring dance competitions. Hell no, we ain’t 4th graders anymore!

So, I took the liberty to dig some ‘super creative’ ideas myself and suggest them to the world and the HR department.

1. Paint the wall / Via

Okay, I know this one requires a stone-heart. Not everyone is ready to leave their corporate walls at the disposal of self-proclaimed Van- Goghs. But hey, it would be so much fun. Get some acrylic colors and divide the teams randomly putting people from different departments together and assign a wall to each team. And begin, create a mess or a piece of art. Your wall, your call! Express yourself and give it a personal touch. Involve the higher management and enjoy the team work. You can’t do that at your home; you mom will kick you out. So, make the best of this opportunity.


* Team building

* Creative thinking

* Effective communication

* Sense of belongingness in employees

2. Glass Art Workshop

Facebook: video.php

Glass-making videos are pure dos! And now, you can do it yourself at Glass Art Workshops. I am sure your HR hasn’t thought of it yet. Here’s how it goes- You book a Corporate Workshop at a Glass Art studio. Currently, there’s only one such studio- Glass Sutra- offering Corporate Workshop programs in National Capital- Delhi. You get to experience glass making through Flamework or Hot Glassblowing with its Founder and an International Glass Artist, Reshmi Dey. You can take 10 -15 people along with you to the workshop. The feeling of creating your own piece of mesmerizing glass art and keeping it for life as a souvenir is unparalleled. Glass making boosts creative thinking, and ability to express thoughts and ideas. The Google India (MEGA)team and the LG Design team just had an experiential glass art workshop and that’s how these big employers manage to give major burns to aspiring employees. *Insert jealous interjection*


* Team Building & Employee Engagement

* Creative & Strategic Thinking

* Decision-making & Leadership Modules

* Stress & Conflict Management

* Communication, Collaboration, & Change Management

* Intercultural & Organization Cope Up Mechanism

3. Lunch and Learn

Make’em long for it!

This Bitly blog post on “Lunch And Learn: Why We Do It And Why You Should Too” struck a chord with me. It’s a brilliant concept that Bitly has adopted. Basically, what they do is, they gather company-wide on every Wednesday, and one person presents about anything they are interested in- just anything. They learn and discuss topics ranging from a cause to a project in these short lunch meet-ups where lunch is ordered from a nearby restaurant.

“It’s more than a weekly perk for us to look forward to, …At Bitly, our Lunch and Learns focus on one of the most important aspects of our company: the people.”
-Team Bitly


* Transparency and understanding

* Community Building

* Learning and growth

* Engagement

* Creative and strategic thinking

* All-round development of employees

Just some lunch'n'learn tweets by @bitly employees. Do they have any vacancy by the way!

Brewing hard cider with @theSeanOC for today's @Bitly Lunch'n'Learn!

"When she said I was average, she was just being mean." @zeigenvector @bitly lunch n learn on science of puns!

4. A Special Day

Thomas Barwick / Getty Images / Via

In spite of being quite a common phenomenon across borders, we still haven’t embraced “Take your dog to office” concept. Okay, if you think your dog is a misbehaving munchkin, how about “Take your child to office?” A break from the monotony can be a great way to boost productivity and engage all the employees. A special day like this would also be a chance for you to communicate with each other and build a congenial work atmosphere.


* Improved Productivity

* Happier workplace

5. Spa at Office

We have a licensed massage therapist at the office today...

Aye! Count me in!

Organizations these days have started hiring massage therapists on a monthly salary. How wonderful is that! A dedicated massage therapist can do wonders to an organization’s productivity, engagement, and employee retention scales. Convince your HR that your well-being is your company’s way to success. Spa at the office is definitely my personal favorite employee engagement activity.


* Improved Productivity

* Happier workplace

You got more ideas? Share them below and let’s make our work suck less!

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