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Your High School Graduation, As Remembered By You Vs. Your Parents

Graduation time was a different experience for you than it was for your parents, but you all celebrated the accomplishment together! Discover Student Loans also celebrates students' academic achievement with rewards for good grades.

1. You: Cheered loudly for all your friends as they went up to accept their diplomas.

Your parents: Zoned out until your name was called, cheered, snapped a photo, then went back to zoning out.


Your parents: So many photo ops, so little time!

3. You: "The first day of college is really here!"

Your parents: "The countdown to turning Kevin's bedroom into a massive walk-in closet begins!"

4. You: "Cried? Why would I have cried?"

Your parents: Two words — emotional wrecks.

5. You: Going to a different graduation party every night for a week was AWESOME!

Your parents: "We didn't see Katie for a week after she graduated. So much for family time!"

6. You: Cleaning out your locker for the very last time was SO liberating!

Your parents: Silently prayed you would be neater in college.

7. You: Oh man, that senior year yearbook was so cheesy!

Your parents: "Max was more attached to that yearbook than he was to his teddy bear when he was a toddler!"

8. You: Super sad to give back your sports uniforms.

Your parents: Overjoyed that they'd never have to wash another dirty sports uniform, or pick it up from the floor of the car again — ever.

9. You: Said goodbye to all your favorite teachers.

Your parents: Remembered how terrified you were of your first-grade teacher.

10. You: It was official — you weren't a kid anymore!

Your parents: It was official — they were old.

Regardless of how you both remember high school graduation, your parents were incredibly proud of your achievement. Discover Student Loans provides incentive to keep achieving in college — you can get rewards for good grades!