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15 Things All Chronic Procrastinators Understand

It ain’t easy being a procrastinator. Thankfully, it’s not too late to get your funding in place for college. Apply for a Discover student loan in 15 minutes or less, and get excited for all those late nights ahead of you!

1. The rabbit hole that is "doing Wikipedia research."

2. That social media is never as riveting as it is when you have something due.

3. That saying "I'm working on it..." buys you time because no one can say how long it takes you to work on something.

4. You'll clean the entire house and answer every single email before you even consider touching your project.

5. For every one day of productivity, you feel justified to spend four days doing nothing.

6. You can't possibly begin without a snack — no matter the hour.

7. A shower, nap, dance marathon, and two-hour phone call to your best friend are also necessary.

8. Only the best TV marathons happen when you have stuff to do.

9. "Inbox zero" is something you have heard about but don't truly believe.

10. You're accustomed to getting a month-long project done in under eight hours.

11. Wait, back to social media. You should probably update yours. It's been a while.

12. The only time you respond to texts in a timely fashion is when you're meant to be doing something else much more pressing.

13. Having to make up new excuses for being late because your friends already know all of your go-tos.

14. Those moments of divine intervention when the universe itself doesn't want you to get anything done.

15. And the worst of all, that horrifying moment when you realize you're just not going to get it done in time.

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