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13 Reasons Being An Undeclared Freshman Isn't The Worst Thing

Why rush? You don’t have to declare a major right away — in fact being undeclared can be a great thing! Whatever you choose to study, you can get a cash reward from Discover Student Loans when you get good grades.

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1. You have more freedom in making your class schedule...

2. ...which means you can take classes such as Hip-Hop 101 while you're figuring stuff out.

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3. You meet other undeclareds too who end up going on to study a variety of things, leaving you with a larger network.

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Plus, you make more friends across departments, while other majors only hang out with those in their program.

4. It gives you the time to figure out who you really are before making any big decisions.

5. That means finding out where your interests lie and what you're good at.


6. (And what you're not so good at.)

7. It's a great excuse to study abroad.

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8. You can be confident that you didn't just jump into something you weren't sure about.

9. So you won't find yourself waking up in the dead of night with the bleak realization that you've chosen the wrong path.

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10. You're able to keep an open mind.

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11. You can breeze through your prerequisite courses at the start of your college career.


12. And you'll graduate having taken a wider breadth of classes.

13. Plus, you get to spend a lot more time with your lovely career advisors.

Choosing a major is a huge decision. No matter what you choose, Discover Student Loans will cover up to 100% of school-certified costs and will reward your hard work with a cash reward for good grades.

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