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11 Real-Life Tips We Wish We Had Gotten The Summer Before College

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1. Establish a regular sleeping schedule. / Via

Otherwise those 8 a.m. attendance-based classes are going to hit you like a ton of bricks.

2. Choose a job that's challenging but flexible.


Taking some time for yourself to just enjoy the summer is just as important as preparing for your future. Balance is key.

3. Go to as many orientation activities as possible.


Some kids try to act too cool for school (literally). But you'll be so thankful to have already made a few friends come move-in day.

4. Figure out how to make a few of your favorite dorm-friendly, home-cooked meals.

Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via

Nothing is more comforting than Momma's meatloaf on a bad day.

5. And learn how to do your laundry.


You do NOT want to be that one person who goes home every weekend to their parents' house to do laundry.

6. Don't decide on your sophomore-year housing situation or roommates too soon.

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You will meet lots of new "best friends" second semester also!

7. Take a cool trip before you head off to college!


It'll be a fun last hurrah with your high school friends, and it'll also give you something to make small talk about during orientation.

8. Once you get assigned a roommate, at the very least shoot him or her a text to get to know them.


If you can meet in person and do something fun, even better.

9. Buy a very comfortable hoodie from your new bookstore.

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Every single freshman in your class will have one, and it will be your go-to when you're in the library at 1 a.m. writing that paper that's due at 9 a.m.

10. FOMO is hard, but don't get discouraged by social media. Use it to keep in touch!

Thinkstock, Tara P.

Your friends from high school didn't forget about you — promise!

11. Be a kid. Eighteen might feel old, but you've still got so much ahead of you.

Jess Mendes / Courtesy of Sylvia Cheng

Enjoy these last few months. What's the rush?

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