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14 Emotional Stages Of Applying For Financial Aid

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1. Denial


FAFSA: Be an adult

Me: Yeah, no thanks.

2. Excessive Procrastination

Thinkstock / Jake T.

"Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow. That's the expression, right?"

3. Realization

"Money doesn't grow on trees, and the only ship I need is a scholarship... Guess I'll fill out this stupid thing."

4. Submission

"OK, focus. Let's just get this done."

5. Shock

Thinkstock, 2

6. Self-doubt


"Am I even doing this right?"

7. Distraction

BuzzFeed / Ashley C.

30 minutes later...

8. Confusion

"Is this even English?"

9. Anger


"What is an income tax return? What is a Form W-2? What is being an adult?!"

10. Frustration

Gah I love the financial aid office #punchmeinthefaceplease

11. Reliance

12. Determination

BuzzFeed / Tara Parian

"I'm. So. Close."

13. Even More Reliance

I literally just became bffs with my FAFSA lady on the phone, but it had to end. Why must I get close to people so quickly?!?!

14. Sweet Satisfaction

BuzzFeed / Ben Rosen

"Peace out, forms!"

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