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12 College-Perfect Gifts To Give High School Grads

We sure would have packed these gifts in our college suitcases! As they prep for campus life, students can get help covering college costs at

1. For impromptu dance parties:

2. For easy hydration during those insane back-to-back class days:

Forget leaving that bulky water bottle behind by accident! This collapsible contraption will fit right in their pocket as they run from chem to psych to art history. #A+

3. For making early mornings less torturous:

4. For a salute to afternoon snoozes after those early mornings:

5. For rainy days and post-library hangout seshes:

6. For powering up while running to class:

It's a purse that charges smartphones. Nuff said.

7. For very tasty study breaks:

8. For snacking that's a lil' more guilt-free:

9. For sweet, sweet slumber:

10. For a super-comfy, adorable reminder of home:

11. For 24/7 smartphone access:

12. And for microwavable sustenance:

If only we were graduating high school now! When planning for college, graduates can visit to find out how to cover up to 100% of school-certified college costs.