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12 College-Perfect Gifts To Give High School Grads

We sure would have packed these gifts in our college suitcases! As they prep for campus life, students can get help covering college costs at

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3. For making early mornings less torturous:


8 a.m. calc lecture? The struggle is real. This wake-up light will simulate the sunrise to help them wake up gradually with the natural light. There's also a built-in alarm. Rise and shine!

6. For powering up while running to class:

It's a purse that charges smartphones. Nuff said.

10. For a super-comfy, adorable reminder of home:


For when their parents refuse to set up yet another video chat between them and their furry BFF, this custom pet pillow with their pooch or kitty's face right on it will more than suffice!

11. For 24/7 smartphone access:


They can't not have their phone inches away while they're sleeping! What if they wake up at 4 a.m. and want to check social media?! This bedpost shelf latches onto any type of dorm bed when space for a bedside table is nonexistent.

If only we were graduating high school now! When planning for college, graduates can visit to find out how to cover up to 100% of school-certified college costs.