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9 Undeniable Signs That Nobody Does Summer Like Ohio

More like the MidBEST, amirite?! Book your trip now to see how the heartland does summer.

1. Dublin Irish Festival (Dublin, Ohio; August 4–6)

2. The Ohio River Paddlefest (Cincinnati, Ohio; August 5)

3. Celina Lake Festival (St. Mary's, Ohio; July 28–30)

4. Ohio Renaissance Festival (Harveysburg, Ohio; September 2–October 29)

5. Vintage Ohio Wine Fest (Kirtland, Ohio; August 4–5)

6. The Jazz & Rib Fest (Columbus, Ohio; July 21–23)

7. Ohio State Fair (Columbus, Ohio; July 26–August 6)

8. Ohio River Sternwheel Festival (Marietta, Ohio; September 8–10)

9. All Ohio Balloon Festival (Marysville, Ohio; August 10–12)

All images courtesy of TourismOhio.

Plenty of places do summer right, but how many feature Irish folklore, hot-air balloons, and swimming cars? No one but Ohio. Find your summer here.