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12 Ohio Trails And The Types Of People They're Perfect For

Foodie? Wine connoisseur? Shopaholic? There's an Ohio trail just for you.

1. For the person with an insatiable sweet tooth, there's the Butler County Donut Trail!

2. For the person who always keeps the freezer stocked with a pint (or seven), there's the Ohio Ice Cream Trail!

3. For the person whose sights have always been set a little higher, there's the Dayton Aviation Trail!

4. For the person who can't stop quoting the latest blockbusters, there's the Shawshank Trail!

5. For the person whose palate doesn't discriminate among spirits, there's the Darke County Whiskey, Wine, and Ale Trail!

6. And for the person who likes their spirits a little more ghostly, there's Haunted Mansfield!

7. For the person who can't function without their morning cup of joe, there's the Columbus Coffee Trail!

8. For the person who prefers their food medium rare, there's the Ohio Burger Trail!

9. For the person who sees the magic in the everyday, there's the Irish Fairy Door Trail!

10. For the person who likes to crank up to 11, there's the Lake Erie Thrills Trail!

11. For the person who always brings an extra suitcase when they travel, there's the Made in CBUS Trail!

12. For the person who is for the birds (in the best way possible), there's the Lake Erie Birding Trail!

Photos courtesy of Ohio. Find It Here unless otherwise noted.

So what are you waiting for? Find the Ohio trail that's perfect for you here and post about it on social media using #MyOhioTrail.