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10 U.S. Cities Where The Weather Is Perfect Year-Round

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3. Galveston, TX

The weather: 90 degrees might be a little hot for August, but... 60 degrees in January? We think that's a fair trade. Storms happen. But then, so do tree sculptures.

Perfect for: A little horseback riding, a little golf, and a little...tree sculpting?

4. Kill Devil Hills, NC

The weather: Temperatures here are notorious for avoiding extremes, and even in the winter it remains supremely bearable.

Perfect for: Killin' devils! Oh, and parking yourself on the majestic shores of the Outer Banks and never, ever leaving.

5. Durango, CO

The weather: A skier's literal dream come true in the winter, and a magical wonderland for outdoor adventurers in the summer.

Perfect for: Skiing, hiking, looking around and saying to yourself "Gosh, I am so lucky to be here right now."

7. Wilmington, DE

The weather: The winters here are colder than the beach towns on this list (obviously), with temperatures hovering around 40 degrees. But you can handle it. And the summers? Fantastic.

Perfect for: Floating down Brandywine Creek, checking out the zoo, and exploring the city's friendly history.

9. San Francisco, CA

The weather: Just a little nippier than Los Angeles, but still as mild-mannered as that date you brought to dinner once, whom your mother loved, but in whom you saw no real future.

Perfect for: Steeping yourself in the history of the Castro, ogling the Painted Ladies, and feeling like a West Coast Sherlock in the fog of it all.

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