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13 Things Your Adult Self Loves That Your Kid Self Wouldn't Believe

Acquired tastes are very real! Now that you’re grown-up, be prepared for all your big life moments — start by getting your credit score for free from Discover, even if you’re not a customer. *See credit scorecard info.

1. Classical Music


Kid you: "Why would I want to listen to music without WORDS??"

Adult you: "Ahh, so pleasant and soothing and no terrible lyrics to distract me!"

2. Long Baths and Showers / Via

Kid you: "NOOO, not bathtime!!!"

Adult you: "I cannot WAIT to get home and scrub away these subway germs."

3. Mixing Flavors


Kid you: "My potatoes touched my chicken nuggets. I will now eat neither."

Adult you: *mixes all your leftovers into a bowl and douses it in hot sauce*

4. Crunchy, Green, Fibrous Things


Kid you: "Ew, broccoli."

Adult you: "Yum, vitamins and roughage."

5. Strong, Bitter, Caffeinated Things


Kid you: "I will NEVER like the taste of coffee."

Adult you: "My morning coffee is the best part of my day."

6. Days When You Have No Reason to Leave the House


Kid you: *runs around screaming in fits of cabin fever–induced rage*

Adult you: *lights a candle and snuggles up with a book and/or a season of your fave show*

7. Days When You Just Do Chores and Organize Your Life


Kid you: "You made me clean my room, and now we have to go to the bank, too?!?! And you won't even buy me candy for the car!"

Adult you: Bank ✔️ . Dry cleaning ✔️ . Grocery store ✔️ . Finally replace that lightbulb that's been out in my bathroom for months so I can now actually see myself while putting on makeup ✔️✔️✔️.

8. Flossing


Kid you: *prays Mom and Dad will let you stop after just brushing tonight*

Adult you: *totally freaks out when you feel something in your teeth and you don't happen to have any floss on you*

9. Getting Rid of Stuff


Kid you: "Hey, where did my baby toys go??? I still like to play with those!"

Adult you: "Goal: Be able to see closet floor."

10. Energizing Walks / Via

Kid you: "I don't want to just WALK. We're not even going anywhere!!"

Adult you: Zen Time + Exercise + Connecting With Nature = ✌️

11. Tear-Jerking Movies


Kid you: "Why would I watch something that will make me cry? Crying is sad."

Adult you: "Man, I love a good, cathartic cry."

12. Lectures


Kid you: "If I have to sit in this chair and listen one second longer..."

Adult you: "If only I could go back to school and just sit and absorb information all day..."

13. And Having the Time to Be...Totally Bored

BuzzFeed Video /

Kid self: "GAAHHHH, Mommmm, can't we doooo something?!?"

Adult self: 😴 😊

You may have never thought it would happen, but you officially grew up! Be prepared for everything adult life has in store — start by getting your credit score for free from Discover, even if you’re not a customer. *See credit scorecard info.