10 Surprising Things You Learn When You Become An Adult

There are lots of surprises in store. Discover card helps you avoid surprises with your credit by providing your free FICO® Credit Score on monthly statements and online. Learn more about FICO® Credit Score Terms here.

1. You can probably learn more on the job than you will in school.

Nothing like hands-on experience!

2. Lucky for you, because when your lightbulb goes out, it won’t replace itself!


3. A few years after college, your Facebook page will be dominated with engagement pics, and then babies.

Endless likes.

4. You don’t have to live with best friends to have a great housing situation.

Just make sure your roomie is neat and tidy.

5. Cutting class is completely different from skipping a day of work.

You’ll be catching up for days on trillions of emails.

6. Babies come with NO instructions, and your life’s mission is to protect them forever.

But look how cute they are.

7. Spending more on certain things is totally worth it.

Courtesy of Hannah Zisman

The better quality, the longer they’ll last. Food, clothes, furniture — you name it!

8. No app can replace an old-fashioned written to-do list.

Carissa Rogers (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: rog2bark

Nothing will ever feel as satisfying as when you check off those items!

9. There IS joy in cleaning.

You’ll reap the benefits for days.

10. And even greater joy in going to bed early.

Cherish those precious ZZZs.

There are plenty of surprising moments in your adult life. At least with Discover card you can get your FICO® Credit Score for free on monthly statements and online to avoid surprises with your credit. Learn more about FICO® Credit Score Terms here.

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