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14 Signs You're The Voice Of Reason In Your Friend Group

There's nothing wrong with being cautious. That's why Discover card monitors every purchase, every day for unusual activity and alerts you by email, phone, or text if fraud is suspected.

1. You're on everyone's speed dial.

2. You've been known to cut your friends off at the bar (and for good reason).

3. Whenever you go out with friends for dinner, everyone assumes you'll decipher the bill.

4. Brunch is more like therapy. For your friends.

5. You're an expert at talking someone out of getting a crazy tattoo or haircut.

6. You've been known to schedule Google Calendar invites for your friends.

7. You have never encouraged a friend to "OMG get the puppy!!!!!"

8. On the rare occasion you do something kind of crazy, your friends are like:

9. You've refused pizza at 3 a.m. while your friends indulged, but MAN did you battle with it.

10. You have a spare copy of all your friends' keys.

11. You're the mediator in basically every single fight ever.

12. You are consulted before eccentric and/or expensive purchases are made.

13. This GIF best portrays your relationship with your friends:

14. Basically, you are Adam.

You're totally capable of looking after yourself. But just in case, Discover card monitors every purchase, every day and will alert you to any suspicious activity.