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12 Reasons Your Favorite Companion Will Always Be You

You are your own best friend! No one gets you like you do, so that's why at Discover, we treat you like you'd treat you.

1. A movie is always 100% better without a peanut gallery.

2. And reading a book is 100% better when you have the couch to yourself.

3. You'll never judge yourself for your strange condiment choices.

4. Or for blasting your favorite show tune on repeat all day.

5. Traveling alone allows you to experience the world your way, on your own schedule.

6. A weekend with no social plans is more therapeutic than any spa retreat.

7. And exercising alone allows you to focus and totally rejuvenate yourself.

8. You definitely don't like backseat drivers disturbing your peaceful car rides!

9. The only opinion that matters when you're clothes-shopping is yours.

10. You think all your jokes are funny.

11. You KNOW all your DIY projects are fabulous.

12. And you can always figure out a small way to make your own day.

You deserve a credit card that understands you. At Discover, we treat you like you'd treat you.