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People Share The Most Absurd Things They’ve Done For Their Job

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"My first job out of college was to dog-sit for this one...unique...woman. Her dogs were sweet, but I had to do a lot of bizarre tasks. The weirdest was having to hold the phone to the dogs' heads while they 'communicated' with their dog psychic. Obviously, the psychic was a total fraud and made up all the stories the dogs told her. I tested it by talking to the dogs during our walks about how odd their owner was, and they NEVER mentioned it to the psychic!"

—Kirk D.

"When I was 14, I was a volunteer in the hospital where my mother worked, and usually I just worked in the gift shop or helped out administratively. However, one time I was given a bag full of eyeballs. Just, like, maybe 50 or 60 frozen eyeballs. And I was told to take them to lab 14C. I ended up walking around the hospital for 30 minutes with a rapidly defrosting bag of eyeballs because, as I later found out, they had moved lab 14C from the 14th floor to the third floor but kept it named 14C 'to avoid confusion.'"

—Ari V.

"When I was an intern at a news and lifestyle website, the editor-in-chief gave me an assignment to go to a famous fast-food restaurant and get a burger with ALL of the offered toppings. There were something like 30+ toppings. I got a burger with blue cheese, ranch dressing, three types of bacon, onion rings, raw onion, fried onion, ketchup, mustard, mayo...and the list goes on. My stomach wasn't right for a week after eating it. The post performed pretty well though!"

—Josh S.

"In high school, I worked as a 'golf cart attendant' at a small rural golf course. I was once asked over my walkie-talkie to 'check hole #12 for a cow that may have wandered onto the green.'

"I checked, but the cow was already gone."

—Andrew C.

"When I worked on costumes for an indie movie, I had to do a lot of things on the fly, including once creating a believable fake pregnancy belly for an actress in under 10 minutes. Uttering the phrase 'Please be careful not to actually rip a hole in the shirt when the baby is coming through the torso — it's vintage, and we don't have doubles for it!' is not something I ever thought I'd say!"

—Mandy C.

"I was the studio manager for a major photographer. When I took the job, he told me there would be occasional Saturdays where he and I would need to meet to discuss upcoming shoots and studio needs. I ACTUALLY ended up spending one Saturday putting his magazines into chronological order, and another going through his apartment and making a list of everything that 'needed to be replaced.'

"Also, he was really (REALLY) into smoothies, and I had to make them for him daily. He rated them on a 1-to-10 scale, and anything he deemed to be below a 7 needed to be remade."

—Aubree L.

"For one PR job, I lived 10 blocks from the office — closer than anyone else on my team. So I became the person who was unofficially relied on to go into the office when there was an off-hours emergency or something needed to get done stat. One Sunday night around 11 p.m., I was in my pajamas getting ready for bed, and my boss called and said someone needed to log into the internal system to send something off immediately to a client and asked if I could run to the office and do it. So, I stopped halfway through brushing my teeth, hailed a cab (still in my pajamas…clearly no one else was going to be at the office), and spent 30 minutes taking care of business. Needless to say, I expensed both of those late-night cab rides!"

—Tory G.

"In high school, I worked for a former bodybuilder who ran a fitness company from her basement. I'd go to her house to try to recruit new members via phone and email, until eventually she asked me to start cleaning gym equipment and vacuuming her house instead. It was odd, but I thought it was a decent gig...until her husband asked me to start shoveling snow from their driveway, raking leaves, and bringing in their mail, too!"

—Dan T.

"I was once asked to buy sandwiches as an intern in Los Angeles. My boss knew I didn't have a car, and she also knew it was 90 degrees outside, but the place was only 'a few blocks away.' This turned into walking 20 minutes to and from the sandwich spot in scorching heat. I was legitimately drenched in sweat by the time I returned with the dumb sandwiches."

—Emily C.

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