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14 Online Reviews That Got Incredibly Sassy

These reviewers had a lot to say. Just like Discover customers, who have given over 6,000 authentic ratings and reviews, giving the Discover it card a 4.8 out of 5 star rating.

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1. A laptop tray that connects to your steering wheel:

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2. A Chinese restaurant:

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3. A garden ornament of a frog:

4. Milk:

5. A Hawaiian beach:

6. A banana slicer:

7. A wristwatch:

8. A prison:

9. A park:

10. A calendar made from bubble wrap:

11. String:

12. A $1,400 Swiss Army knife:

13. A UFO detector:

14. A New York City post office:

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These reviews deserve five stars — as do the thousands of reviews left by Discover it card customers.