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12 People Who Definitely Did The Right Thing

Good samaritans are all around us. Discover card is used to doing the right thing, which is why we treat you like you'd treat you.

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1. The boy who helped deliver bagged lunches to the homeless.

This adorable boy, along with other volunteers, distributed tons of lunches to the homeless for #HashtagLunchbag, a movement dedicated to using social media to eliminate hunger.

2. The man who hands out flowers to strangers, just because.

AP Photo/Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Mike Greener

Nathan Ira, a Montana college student, started the "You Deserve A Flower" Project to help strangers overcome whatever they might be dealing with. Ira hopes to help improve the lives of strangers, one petal at a time.

3. The firefighters who rescued a sweet kitten from a fire.

AP Photo/Kitsap Sun, Larry Steagall

Firefighter Missy Griffith found this adorable kitten hiding inside a burning home. After rescuing him, she gave him oxygen and revived the little kitty.

4. The kind neighbor who shielded a stranger's car from the rain.

This friendly neighbor graciously grabbed a plastic bag and covered a nearby exposed car window so that the rain wouldn't drip through. The owner of this vehicle must've had a big smile upon their return!

5. The police officer who offered his boots to a homeless man.

NBA player Roy Hibbert posted this photo on Instagram of an Indiana police officer offering a pair of boots to a homeless man on the side of the street. The photo featuring this selfless act of kindness quickly went viral.

6. The 99-year-old grandmother who sews a dress a day for girls in need.

Jonathan Gelber / Getty Images

Lillian Weber believes that everyone should have something pretty to wear. Which is why she sews a new dress every single day for those in need. Pretty impressive, especially for a 99-year-old!

7. The twins who shaved their heads in support of Locks of Love.

Jena Cumbo / The Image Bank / Getty Images

This duo, Andrew and Ryan Jouannet, shaved their heads with a smiley face to support Locks of Love, a nonprofit that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged kids.

8. The man who travels across the country to buy signs from the homeless.

AP Photo/Pioneer Press, Richard Chin

This Texas artist travels across the U.S. buying signs from the homeless along the way. Willie Baronet pays between $10 and $20 each for these cardboard signs in the hopes of raising awareness of homelessness through art.

9. The firefighter who rescued this kitten from a storm drain.

Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Despite the nasty storm, Capt. Jon Green of the Parkersburg Fire Department rescued this two-pound kitten from a storm drain and brought him to safety.

10. The man who turned himself into a "human bench" for an elderly woman to sit on while their elevator was stuck.

spablab (CC BY http://2.0) Flickr: spablab

When student Cesar Larios got stuck on an elevator with an elderly woman, he displayed the ultimate selflessness, transforming himself into a "human bench" for the elderly woman to rest on. For 30 minutes, he sacrificed his own comfort for another individual — truly admirable!

11. The hairstylist who spends his free time cutting hair for the homeless.

Hairstylist Mark Bustos works at a fancy salon in NYC, but on his one day off, he walks around the city offering haircuts to those who can't afford to pay for grooming. He documents his cuts and trims on his amazing Instagram account.

12. The 84-year-old woman who scared off coyotes from her neighbor’s dog.

This considerate woman was sipping her coffee one day when she heard a coyote attacking her neighbor's dog outside. Dolores "Dolly" Jefferson ran outside yelling and scared the vicious coyote away, saving the dog from harm.

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