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Which Member Of Weenie Hut Are You?

Ever wondered which member of Weenie Hut you are? Now's your chance to find out!

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  1. What is your go to lunch spot?

    Homemade PB&J
    Anywhere is good
    Jersey Mikes
    Board and Brew
  2. Drink of Choice?

    Raspberry Smirnoff
    Blue Moon
    Coors Light
    Mission Brewery
    Nah Im not drinking tonight
    Shipwrecked Double IPA
    No drinks, ill just be on my phone the entire time
    Keystone Light
  3. You see someone you wanna talk to on the dance floor, what do you do?

    Bool next to her/him to get their attention
    Cant see him/her I was looking at my phone
    Make an excuse
    Aggressively dance on them
    Wait till they're done dancing so you can talk to them afterwards
    Freak dance in the middle so they will see you
    Awkwardly do your weirdest dance move hoping to play it cool
    I don't dance, so Ill wait to take a shot with them after
    Put on my coachella shades and start fist bumping
    Tell your boys/girls you danced with them but really eye googled them without making a move
  4. Your turn to throw a party, what do you do?

    Kickback at my house, but only certain people can come
    Beer dye in my backyard
    No ones allowed at my house, lets go to a restaurant
    Say you can't host even though you probably can
    Make plans to throw something but they get cancelled cause your parents find out
    Sophisticated dinner with friends at a trendy restaurant
    Casual hangout with friends
    Jacuzzi sesh
    Rager with your parents home
    Dinner out with some close friends paid by the parents
  5. Why do you get roasted?

    Cause I can't talk to the opposite gender without making a fool of myself
    Cause I take 3 naps a day
    Cause Im a trump supporter
    Cause I flake on most of the hangout plans
    Cause I listen to top 40 pop music
    Because I'm basic
    Because I think Im a player
    Because I tell everything to my girlfriend
    Because Im an animal
  6. What does my future hold?

    Business Tycoon
    Dolphin Trainer at Seaworld
    Tesla HR Rep -- Typo sorry I mean coffee boy assistant
    Small business owner
    Investment banker
  7. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

    Somewhere exotic
    My girlfriends house
    No need for vacation lets play bp
    Anywhere I can get a good internship
    camping with my sports team
    My college
    European landmark
    Michael's Garage
  8. You see someone attractive at a party, how do you approach them?

    Wait for one of your boys to wingman you so you get the confidence to approach them
    Roll up alone and ask him/her to take a shot
    Casually strike up a conversation about their major or classes
    Make fun of someone else in front of them to hide your own insecurities
    Be the nice guy and offer them a drink
    Hit on their friends first to make them jealous
    Bring one of your friends over thats weirder than you to make yourself seem cooler
    Completely embellish every part about yourself to get their attention
    Get to know them on a personal level before you make a move
    Tell them a crazy story about yourself to get them interested
  9. What's your ideal date?

    Not really sure I've never been on one
    Chipotle and Yogurtland cause I'm cheap
    Just Chipotle cause Im super cheap
    Restaurant that's way too expensive then set the bar much lower on 2nd date
    Double date with another couple but forget to bring enough money
    Netflix and Chill at my house
    Hangout in a group but then "mysteriously" leave 30 minutes later than everyone else
    Ive been on so many i don't care at this point
    Chill at my house and have her watch will I play xbox
    Mini golfing
  10. Celebrity Crush?

    Alec Turner
    Anyone blond with implants
    Emily Ratajkowski
    Lisa Ann
    Ryan Gosling
    Older sister from Modern Family
    Jennifer Lawrence
    Emma Watson
    Latina supermodel who Ive never heard of
    Malia Obama
  11. Most likely reason you would go to jail?

    Tax evasion
    Your friends make a funny rumor but forget to bail you out
    Try to be a cool freshman and sneak into your football stadium
    Public nudity
    Drunk and Disorderly conduct
    "Oops sorry officer I forgot that was in the backseat"
    "I could've sworn she was 18"
    Peaceful protest
    Forgetting that you told the pledge to finish the handle
  12. What qualities do you like in a partner?

    As long as they have a pulse anything goes
    Blonde, iq around 40, probably in a sorority
    Some sort of Asian, pretty chill and laid back
    They have to look exactly like me so my heritage is preserved
    Has to be a squad groupie
    They get your sense of humor and are driven
    Gotta be a freak in the sack
    As long as its someones ex I'm good
    Anything above a 32 C
    Junk in the trunk, chill personality

Which Member Of Weenie Hut Are You?

You got: Dirty Mike

Congrats, you got Dirty Mike! You love to bool and bro down with the boys, pretty much a straight goon half the time with a great eye for memes, you love kick arounds with the boys and dominate the bp table, you can also never be seen not roasting your squad

Dirty Mike
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You got: The C Man (Cole)

Sorry to disappoint you, but you're the C Man... You are a loyal friend but tend to get made fun of a lot, probably cause you overuse jokes and get roasted for no reason. You're always willing to go the extra mile for your friends, even when they spill food in your backseat numerous times

The C Man (Cole)
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You got: J Dog (Jacob)

The Alpha male of the group, you know what you want and you go after it. Never afraid to brag about your accomplishments, you are a bro through and through and you're always looking for a good time with the boys. It's hard for you to admit you are wrong, even if there is significant amounts of evidence against it, but you always have your boys backs

J Dog (Jacob)
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You got: Boris (Omar)

The noob of the group, you interject with that funny comment but only if you know its money. You are very calculated about your decisions in life and will probably end up being pretty successful, but that doesn't stop your friends from roasting your coordination or anything else they can dig. Known for not sharing quiz answers but asking for them, you love to give bad fantasy trades and will refuse to accept good ones

Boris (Omar)
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You got: Drewbie San (Andrew)

Yikes, you got Andrew! You're in for a wild ride, but its always a good time with you around. You never refrain from a good one-liner, but most of the time you'll end up getting roasted anyways, even if your joke is pretty funny. You aren't quite the ladies man, but you can always make people laugh and you have your core bros backs

Drewbie San (Andrew)
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You got: Arun

The vegetable of the group, most of the time you can be found napping or watching Netflix, but you love hanging out with your squad and get your stuff done when you need to. You always have a good roast up your sleeve, and you'll argue about anything with anyone. The facilitator of the group, you organize most of the plans and keep people together, but people aren't surprised if you don't come cause you're asleep

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You got: Potato (Nick)

The nice guy of the group, you seem like boyfriend material to all the girls given the surfer hair and good grades, but those who know you well know that deep down you're a dog. You're pretty straight edge but can be the life of the party, good friend and an all around solid dude

Potato (Nick)
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You got: Uno (Armand)

The true dog of the group, you're nothing short of a savage when you're around. The ladies love your charm even though you "bows" on all your bp shots, and you have multiple squads that you hang around with. At a party you're either with a group of the opposite gender or on aux, and you love to meet new people for a good time

Uno (Armand)
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You got: Big Blue Lollipop (Alec)

The free spirit of the group, you tend to do you're thing all the time and not care what others think. You're the trend setter and love to crack a good joke, but you also are gone half the time cause you're traveling or flake on plans to sit with your cat on your bed. You enjoy the little things in life, and you love to explore what the world has to offer

Big Blue Lollipop (Alec)
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You got: Calvin

The wild man of the group, you're the hype man that never misses a party or a bro sesh. You are the muscle of the group, and you know the boys will call you if they need someone to back them up. You're a late bloomer with the ladies but you have potential, and you're never afraid to get rowdy for a good time

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