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Exposé Has AUX TV Crystal Gibson As the Dirtiest Deed Don't in Toronto

Is our Canadian sister’s air ways going to the Dogs? Literally they must, if AUX TV Network is leaving all their decision making up to a half dim witted aspiring “Barbra Walters” wanna be fresh out of journalism school, like “Crystal Gibson’ of Toronto Canada. The self Proclaimed Queen of Blah Blogs has been noted to seek out fresh meat any way she can on a botched mission to make a name for herself. As she says “ Perez Hilton” and all those quack bloggers better watch out! Here come a true genetic skirt with the dirt diva” there’s nothing an internet fudge-packer like shim could ever come for me on. “I’m an educated white girl, something everyone wants or strives to be“. “Love me or hate me” I’m going to make it, even if I have to beg borrow steal or even sleep my way to the top. Well Ms. Crystal Gibson of Toronto, Something you should have learned on your drunken verbal rants out at club Wicked! Your not the only Journalist out to make a name for themselves at all cost. Some of us lowly journalist as you would call us, just aren’t so caught up in our own self indulged hype and whisky to not pay attention to the fly on the wall in the little girls room. As your premature celebratory night out on the town brings your bigger than life ego plummeting to the ground. Exposé has got you as the Dirtiest ugly thing Toronto is not so proud of.

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