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    10 Things We Learned From 'Seinfeld'

    For a show about nothing, Seinfeld taught us a whole lot about love, life and yada yada yada....

    1. Women Don't Know About Shrinkage

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    The Sexual Being / Via

    Never assume anything.

    2. Don't Trust A Person's Answer About A Relationship If They Touch Their Face

    Seinfeld on Pinterest / Via

    The higher up, the worse it is.

    3. Cinnamon Makes Everything Better

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    lunchboxduff / Via

    It should be served with salt & pepper.

    4. Always Ask Someone To Speak Up

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    TBS / Via

    You could end up becoming a pirate.

    5. Have An Escape Plan

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    Torban Vesterager / Via

    It always pays to be prepared.

    6. A Whale Is A Mammal

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    Matto! / Via

    Definitely not a fish.

    7. Never Ask For Bread

    eternal-weekend / Via

    You'll most likely be left with nothing.

    8. Always Check The Toilet Roll

    myseinfeldblogisgreaterthanyours / Via

    You don't want to be left hanging.

    9. Dating Is Hard


    You might as well give up now.

    10. Nothing going your way? Do The Opposite

    Daniel Johnson Films / Via

    Up is down, black is white, good is bad, day is night.

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