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11 Reasons It's OK To Embrace Your Inner Scrooge This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time to be with family and friends, spreading goodwill and cheer. But it's also a time to treat yo self! So, this year, embrace your inner Scrooge and stay in on the couch with a movie from DIRECTV Cinema. You earned it!

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1. Black Friday sales are overrated.

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There is nothing fun about being caught in a stampede of crazed shoppers, especially when you could be home eating leftovers and catching up on new releases.

5. Crowded restaurants mean horrible service.

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All of those large groups are ruining the experience for everyone! Might as well stay in with takeout or brush up on your cooking skills.

Guess what doesn't look the same?

The amazing holiday sale on DIRECTV Cinema. During the month of December, get $2 off select new releases — available in the comfort of your own home. So build a fire, pull up a seat, and get cozy!

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