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11 Reasons BKB Will Make You Want To Put The Gloves On

This is not your father's boxing. Get familiar with the realest fighting sport around, and don't miss BKB 2 live from Las Vegas on Saturday, April 4.

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1. First and foremost, fights are held in this glorious circle-stadium thing called "The Pit."

Colosseum, anyone?

2. Being only 17 feet in diameter, The Pit leaves you super close to your opponent all the time.

That's half the size of a traditional boxing ring.

3. Without ropes, you've got nowhere to slack off — and nowhere to hide.

In the circular pit, you've got nothing to lean on.

4. Rounds go by fast. There's no time for dancing around.

5. The point of the whole thing is to KNOCK THE OTHER PERSON OUT.

Finally, a combat sport that cuts to the chase!

6. Which means you really have to swing.

Gloves are made lighter to accommodate.

7. But that's fine. Because when the goal is a knockout, you need all the offense you can get.

The only way through your opponent is at him.

8. To fight in these conditions, you need to be ripped.

Not to mention bold.

9. Your training needs to be diverse and nuanced.

Short-distance agility trumps long-distance endurance.

10. You have to get your hits in quickly.

Rounds are two minutes, not three.

11. And when you do land the perfect knockout, it's crystal clear who won and who lost.

No subjective scoring here.

No ring. No ropes. More knockouts. The action-packed BKB will be available on Saturday, April 4 on PPV. Visit for more!

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