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12 Things We Once Did For TV That Our Kids Will Never Understand

Don't record over this. It's the only remnant of our tough past — a time before DIRECTV made television easier and more entertaining than ever before.

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1. We moved those bunny ears.


Angles were our art.

2. Like animals, we memorized channel numbers.

There was no such thing as "guide."

3. And shared only 1–2 TVs per household.


Such conservative days are gone.

4. We stayed in on Fridays.

The Walt Disney Co. / Via

TGIF (Thank Goodness I Flaked-On-All-My-Plans-Because-I-Can't-Record-This)

5. And woke up early on Saturdays.

There was only ♫one Saturday morning♫.
Laura D'Alessandro / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: flossyflotsam

There was only ♫one Saturday morning♫.

6. We fumbled like fools to hit "record"...

Via woofwoof2000 / CC /

Imagine having to remember which shows to record!

7. ...and cried when our sibling taped over our show.


8. Reality shows were real.

MTV / Via

This phase was brief.

9. Sports replays were our only way to rewind.


Now we replay the replay. IN HD!

10. If we wanted more than five channels, we had to bring in the big guns.

Ed Freeman / Getty Images

11. Which led to accidentally watching sexy scenes with our parents.

Here come the cable networks!
Thinkstock / Getty Images / Creatas RF Jupiterimages

Here come the cable networks!

12. And with our oldest sets, we held on until the static became unbearable.


Or until the DVD player was made.

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