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12 "Game Of Thrones" Questions That We've All Asked Ourselves

"Dragons: good or bad?" You've only got a few months left to ponder before Season 5 of HBO's award-winning series premieres on April 12. Watch on DIRECTV.

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1. "What would be the coolest way to die?"

Beheaded or dragon-fried could be chill.

2. "Or — rather — the loveliest way to kill?"

There should be an audience. This much is true.

3. "Dragons: good or bad?"

So cute. So evil.

4. "Has such perfection ever existed before?"

All hail.

5. "What is science, and what is magic?"

"And do I care?"

6. "How far would I be willing to go on-screen?"

Do it for the art.

7. "Am I getting too old for the hookup culture?"

Time to make some permanent life "alterations"?

8. "Where do I really stand on inbreeding?"

Yep, still no.

9. "Is a big, fancy wedding worth all the hassle?"

Choose the caterer wisely.

10. "How will I be able to limit the number of guests?"

Cut the list at principals only.

11. "What if my kid sucks?"

Just breathe.

12. "And what would my friends do if I said nothing but my own name all the time?"

Try it. They might like you more.

Soon enough, the obsession will start again. Get your premium entertainment from DIRECTV.

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