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16 Signs You're The Fixer Of Your Group

Everyone needs someone to call when things go wrong – and it's usually you. If you need something fixed, best call Direct Line.

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1. You end up printing boarding passes for holidays you're not even going on. / Via

A printer is a rare object now.

2. When you can save any dinner, even one that's no longer recognisable as dinner.



3. When you're the one who somehow ends up organising every party, holiday, and train station meeting point.


Anyone else would just screw it up.

4. When you get a call that starts, "I can't get the thing to work — oh no, I got it. OK, bye." / Via


5. When you get asked if you know why someone else in the group is upset. / Via

You saw it happen. You lay it out like a crime scene. Who hit whom? Who said what on the internet?

6. When you're then asked to talk to that person to smooth things over.


"Come on, shall we bury the hatchet and just get a pint? How 'bout it?"

7. When you're the first one they ask for a phone charger. / Via

OF COURSE you have one in your bag. You also have snacks. What else have you got in there?

8. When your magic breath on the game cartridge can revive a long-dead game from the '90s.

TheFineBros. / / Via

Special touch.

9. When group plans fall apart when you say you can't make it. / Via

What's the point without you?

10. When you're the ideal wingman or woman to take out on the pull. / Via

You make it not awkward. That's a skill that cannot be taught.

11. When you know where the closest offie is that's actually open at this time.

RuPaul's Drag Race / World of Wonder Productions / Via

Party hero.

12. When you've figured out which door the canapes come out of at the work party. / Via

GREAT STUFF. You'll be remembered.

13. When you arrive at a doomed barbecue and actually know how to make a fire.

Castaway / DreamWorks Pictures / Via

You'll be stuck out here forever, but you'll be the most appreciated man at the party.

14. When you're the go-to buddy for something boring and good for you.


Juice detox? You're so supportive.

15. When your special "technique" can fix any TV.

ABC / Via

You bash it in the right place. That's technique.

16. And when you can discretely save your friend's dignity. / Via

They'll thank you later.

Everyone needs a fixer in their group. Or they can just call Direct Line. Same thing. They've got this.