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    Remember Barbra Jean From “Reba?” Here Are 13 Of The Wildest Things She Ever Did

    She’s also a survivor!

    Barbra Jean has to be one of the only lovable mistresses in TV history. She helped make the show, Reba, what it was and did some wacky things along the way. Here are 13 of those wonderfully wonky experiences!

    Barbra Jean talking to Reba through her window and making a silly face

    1. She lost a wet t-shirt contest because she didn’t realize it was being held in a gay bar.

    Barbra Jean in a sparkly twirler outfit looking disappointed

    2. She was a coach for a women's prison football team.

    Brock looking embarrassed as BJ feigns that her feelings are hurt

    3. She juggled bedpans in her high school talent show.

    Barbra Jean singing obnoxiously, embarrassing Reba

    4. Everything to do with her Beanie Babies.

    Barbara Jean smiling very intensely

    5. She used night-vision goggles to spy on Kyra at a party.

    6. She once called herself “the face of STD."

    BJ cringing dramatically

    7. That time she tried to record a video profile for Reba's MySpace page while Reba was IN THE HOSPITAL.

    BJ hugging Reba obnoxiously and Reba not loving it

    8. She tried to cover up Van’s DNA at a crime scene using Halloween candy.

    BJ looking guilty as Reba scolds her and Brock

    9. She was arrested three times for disorderly conduct.

    10. Oh yeah, and what about her Butt-rometer?

    Reba and BJ embracing

    11. She managed to get kicked out of jury duty by annoying the judge.

    Brock looking smug as BJ explains herself

    12. She tried to train bees to eat hamburger out of her hand.

    BJ sticking her tongue out like a child

    13. And lastly, she admitted to a $75,000 scam she wasn’t even a part of.

    BJ looking distraugh

    What are some of your favorite Barbra Jean moments? Let me know in the comments!