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    Remember Barbra Jean From “Reba?” Here Are 13 Of The Wildest Things She Ever Did

    She’s also a survivor!

    Barbra Jean has to be one of the only lovable mistresses in TV history. She helped make the show, Reba, what it was and did some wacky things along the way. Here are 13 of those wonderfully wonky experiences!

    Barbra Jean talking to Reba through her window and making a silly face
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    1. She lost a wet t-shirt contest because she didn’t realize it was being held in a gay bar.

    Barbra Jean in a sparkly twirler outfit looking disappointed
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    You’d think it would be pretty easy to tell, but Barbra Jean could not see the obvious. In the episode, “The Pageant Of Grandmas," it's revealed that BJ always wanted to win a competition but never could. During this speech, we learn that she has lost many contests including the wet shirt contest, saying, “How was I supposed to know it was a gay bar?”

    2. She was a coach for a women's prison football team.

    Brock looking embarrassed as BJ feigns that her feelings are hurt
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    When Jake needed someone to teach him how to play football and Van kept bursting into tears every couple minutes, Barbra Jean stepped in as she was the only qualified coach. What are her qualifications, you may ask? Well, she turned “Little Arson Annie” into a star player. In fact, they would’ve won the prison championship if their quarterback hadn't got caught trying to escape!

    3. She juggled bedpans in her high school talent show.

    Barbra Jean singing obnoxiously, embarrassing Reba
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    After taking care of Reba as she recovered from her laser-eye surgery, Barbra Jean admits to Cheyenne that she always wanted to be a caretaker. She goes further by saying that she was so far down that path that she juggled bedpans for her school talent show. Let’s hope they were empty...

    4. Everything to do with her Beanie Babies.

    Barbara Jean smiling very intensely
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    Barbra Jean’s relationship with her Beanie Babies has a long and apparently very storied past. She has over 450 of them (which is a record BTW), and she's also the secretary of the “Whole Bunch Of Beanie Babies Club.” On top of that, she arranged them in a certain order so that the ones with bad relationships don’t have to be by each other. Oh, and they're also ordered by occupation. The bad relationships are enough to bring Brock to tears as well. What can we say? She LOVES her Beanie Babies.

    5. She used night-vision goggles to spy on Kyra at a party.

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    When Reba and BJ need to know more about what Kyra is doing, it starts with BJ reading Kyra’s e-mails. From there, they learn about a house party she's going to attend. Brock and Reba hide in a car outside the house while Barbra Jean climbs a tree and puts on her night-vision goggles to watch for Kyra. They ultimately get caught, but man, does she look wild wearing those goggles!

    6. She once called herself “the face of STD."

    BJ cringing dramatically
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    After Hurricane Katrina, BJ starts a charity called “Save the Dogs” or STD for short. It’s a group that helped find temporary homes for dogs until the owners could find housing and take the dogs back. When Ruby and Darnell come to Reba’s house to get their dog, BJ answers the door and says, “I’m Barbra Jean, and I am the face of STD.” If you didn’t know what she meant, you'd definitely misinterpret that.

    7. That time she tried to record a video profile for Reba's MySpace page while Reba was IN THE HOSPITAL.

    BJ hugging Reba obnoxiously and Reba not loving it
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    After Reba fainted during Van and Cheyenne’s vow renewal ceremony, she's rushed to the hospital in an ambulance (which Barbra Jean says she was running behind). While in the hospital, BJ uses a camcorder to record Reba, which turns into her trying to record Reba a MySpace profile. Probably the worst time and place for that.

    8. She tried to cover up Van’s DNA at a crime scene using Halloween candy.

    BJ looking guilty as Reba scolds her and Brock
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    During a Halloween prank that BJ was not in on, Van acts like he just beat up a very attractive male friend of Cheyenne’s. In order to cover up the crime scene, BJ grabs a handful of Halloween candy and runs out the door. She says she’ll be able to do it because she’s seen all of CSI.

    9. She was arrested three times for disorderly conduct.

    @reba / Via Instagram: @

    After Barbra Jean sues Reba for negligence that resulted in injury, Van digs up some past dirt on BJ. He finds that she was arrested multiple times in the past and also showed some wild – and we mean WILD – photos. The photos are of her in different corset outfits, weird poses, and even one where her head is photoshopped on a hairy man. It’s a very chaotic moment to say the least.

    10. Oh yeah, and what about her Butt-rometer?

    Reba and BJ embracing
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    When Barbra Jean auditions to become a weather girl, she tells everyone that she has a special power. She explains that when she was a kid, she was struck by lightning. Her bedazzled jeans seemed to convert the electricity into power which went right into BJ’s butt. Now, whenever there’s gonna be rain, she gets a vibration in her butt. At least she’s using that power for good and not evil?

    11. She managed to get kicked out of jury duty by annoying the judge.

    Brock looking smug as BJ explains herself
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    No one has ever been as excited for jury duty as BJ was. She even wore her lucky bra so she had a better chance of being picked. However... after getting picked... she annoys the judge so much that she ends up being thrown out of the courtroom. She told one too many extemporaneous story and requested one too many sidebar.

    12. She tried to train bees to eat hamburger out of her hand.

    BJ sticking her tongue out like a child
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    This one is truly wild. After talking about all of the phases Brock might be going through, BJ tells Reba all of the phases that she’s gone through. She learned Portuguese; she called herself “Barbra Jeanne" (French pronunciation); and she tried this impossible task with bees. It’s weird to call it a phase though. What made her even think of this? Only BJ.

    13. And lastly, she admitted to a $75,000 scam she wasn’t even a part of.

    BJ looking distraugh
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    Now this one goes all the way from being wacky and wild to being straight-up illegal. When BJ learns that Brock and Reba were unknowingly part of an illegal money scam in the Cayman Islands during the last three years of their marriage, she breaks under the pressure of having to lie to the IRS. The wildest part is... she wasn’t even being interrogated by an agent! She and the agent were in the same room, and he offered her a cup of coffee causing her to spill the secret. What a way to fall into massive debt!

    What are some of your favorite Barbra Jean moments? Let me know in the comments!

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