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    Remember "Reba?" I Rewatched The Entire Series And Ranked All The Main Characters From Worst To Best

    "With gentle hands and the heart of a fighter... I'm a survivor!"

    7. Brock

    Brock from Reba being a butthole
    The CW

    Ah yes, the cheating, cheap, and unnaturally tanned ex-husband. Brock’s character was unlikable throughout most of the series and usually created the problems that everyone else had to clean up. While funny and wholesome at times, he's definitely the worst of the main cast.

    6. Kyra

    Kyra from Reba with a stank face
    The CW

    While smart and clever, Kyra was also conniving and just plain mean at times. While she sometimes deserved better than what she got, she also would take things way too far or stir the pot to make problems even larger for her personal gain. She’s also gone for a whole season?

    5. Jake

    Jake from Reba just being a kid
    The CW

    Jake wasn't really a bad character, but he definitely didn't have as much screen time as the other main characters. The time he did have was mostly him as a very young kid who hadn’t developed much of a personality yet. This leads to him feeling very colorless as a character especially in comparison to the others.

    4. Van

    Van from Reba staring with a somewhat dumb expression on his face
    The CW

    While super hot and innocent, Van was always... well, a bit of a dim character. It wasn't so bad in the beginning, but things didn't improve for ole' Van. As the show started moving into later seasons, Van became increasingly more volatile and controlling. He does have some beautiful qualities and sweet moments though. Did I mention that he’s super hot?

    3. Cheyenne

    Cheyenne in a wedding dress looking very angry and somewhat entitled
    The CW

    Cheyenne’s character development throughout the show was the complete opposite of Van’s. While Van started as the nicer half and grew more controlling, Cheyenne started as the unlikable one and grew into a very mature and loving person. She even overcame alcoholism and went on to help others fight their battle with addiction. We have no choice but to stan.

    2. Barbra Jean

    Barbara Jean being silly and not minding her business
    The CW

    While she was part of the reason behind Brock and Reba’s divorce, Barbara Jean was a fun and quirky character who almost always meant well. She was a HUGE source of light and laughter for both the characters and the watchers, and I don't think the show would have been nearly as good without her in it. In my opinion, BJ was truly one of the funniest TV characters of the 2000s. Do you agree?

    1. And of course, our darling Reba

    Reba with a warm smile on her face
    The CW

    Truly the most resilient and supportive character on the show, Reba deserves nothing but #1 on this list! She was able to accept Barbra Jean – the woman who basically stole her husband – as her best friend by the end of the show and also supported everyone in her family to the best of her abilities. Not to mention that she was witty and could make anyone do anything. She was the perfect protagonist, and I miss her and the show so much. And if there's one thing you can say about Reba, it's that... she’s a survivor!

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