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10 Tips For Having A Healthy Long-Distance Relationship With Your Best Friend

It is already so hard for one to move to another place and experience a new life. But what is harder is when you leave your best friend/s behind and not knowing when you are going to see them again. Here is what you should do in order to keep a healthy long distance relationship with your bestie/s.

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1. Video call them

because you need to see their face at least once in a week. Don’t let yourself forget their facial expressions which are your secret language to solve them. Besides, it is so fun to see your bestie’s frozen face when the connection is bad and slow. There will be times when you get their responses some seconds later which make things so complicated that you even have to restart your computer. Videocalling can annoy both of you but at least it will create comical memories in your friendship history.

2. Write to them almost every day

Videocalling takes a lot of time but texting is easier to update your friend about the troubles of your daily life. Some things are so urgent that you cannot delay them for videocalling. Perhaps, you just wanna send a poop/ice-cream emoji to your bestie, I cannot say I haven’t done that... It really doesn’t matter what you are talking about as long as you keep writing to each other.

3. Tell them if you are angry, sad or happy directly

If you don’t do it, they will kick your ass because friendship means sharing every single important/unimportant thing. They will be curious to hear what happened even if you are angry with a person who took your place in the supermarket queue.

4. Keep gossiping

You are going to meet a lot of people and you need to tell your bestie who is doing what so that they can keep up with you. I am sure you also want to know what happened to your mutual friends, classmates, ex boyfriends…and so on. What is an advantage of this period is that you have two different environments to overload your rumor mill.

5. Remember their important events, appointments

Don’t dare to forget something which is really significant for them. They need your extra support since you cannot be there in presence. What you should definitely do is to make them relax about the coming events. Remember not only your life is changing but also theirs.

6. Think about creative gifts which you can give them online

Perhaps a picture you made, a video clip, or a story you have written for them. Something they might laugh at and that reminds you. There is a high possibility that you might miss their birthdays. Especially, if you don’t have a budget for sending a gift by post, creating something online would be the best choice for you.

7. Watch some movies or series together

then discuss with them because doing something together is an important element in your friendship. While you comment on what happened in the latest episode of GOT, don’t give them spoilers accidentally if they haven’t watched yet. Warn them don’t go to your facebook page if you already had published latest spoilers.

8. Don’t be afraid to argue with them

A healthy friendship requires arguing as well as having fun. You can annoy each other from thousand miles away but that doesn’t mean that after a quarrel your friendship is over. You need to solve problems directly since you don’t have too much time to spend with them anymore. Don’t blow the whole thing out of proportion.

9. Never stop caring about them

When something bad happens, you should be the one who gives comfort. Being away doesn’t mean you cannot help your bestie in need. Supporting them is one of the most important things for your bestie. Sometimes they need a shoulder to cry on, a cup of hot chocolate or a warm hug. Your absence might make them feel alone. Try your best to care for them.

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